Miss Earth Australia 2018 BEAUTY FOR A CAUSE


Winners of Miss Earth Australia 2017 held at Crowne Plaza, Terrigal, NSW Photo by Mishmish Photography


Miss Earth Australia is a national beauty pageant that promotes awareness of environmental issues at grass root level. The contestants spread among their communities across Australia the need to protect the environment and mother earth through various activities within their communities (e.g., water preservation, recycling, plantation, etc), spanning over about 6 months from their registration as contestants in Miss Earth Australia to the final ceremony for the selection of Miss Earth Australia held in September.
Our pageant is part of Miss Earth International, which has organisations in about 120 countries worldwide and is now one of the world’s top three international beauty pageants.
Contestants come from all States and Territories. The winner, Miss Earth Australia 2018, travels to the international pageant to compete against candidates from around the world.
Part of the contestant activities during her environmental campaign, she encourages relatives, friends, and the local community to plant trees because they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our sponsors are also encouraged to plant trees to inspire those around them, including their employee, families, friends, suppliers, and clients) to initiate their own tree planting program. A national tree planting scheme can make a huge difference to the atmosphere and also to the general attitude in the community about the environment and pollution. We believe that small steps lead to bigger steps and, on a national scale, they add up to a significant cumulative achievement. Australians are very concerned about the well being of the environment. They want to do something that is significant and achievable. This is an opportunity for your business to support our cause and to be recognized by the community as socially and environmentally responsible.
Miss Earth Australia 2018 will be the ninth Australian candidate has been sent to the international pageant.

By sponsoring Miss Earth Australia 2018, you organisation supports an environmental cause that entertains moves and engages mainstream audience. Benefits include an exceptional and powerful outside brand presence whereby your business can be identified as a good corporate citizen, playing an active role in saving the environment.
Our supporters are attracted by the combination of beauty, intelligence and concern about the environment. In light of the enthusiastic response that we have had in previous years, we anticipate a groundswell of excitement, driven by publicity and our website.
We invite your corporation to be associated with this annual Pageant and its large and enthusiastic audience. Miss Earth Australia has loyal and enthusiastic followers and their numbers have grown steadily since 2004. This annual event also attracts media attention.
Our media relations work is characterized by imagination, impact and results. We will place press releases in local, regional, and national media throughout the campaign.

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參賽者需要在澳大利亞的社會裡通過一系列不同種類的活動向大眾傳播保護環境和地球母親的必要性(例如,保護水資源,回收利用,種植樹木 等等)。從她們報名參加澳大利亞地球小姐的比賽至9月選出冠軍的最終儀式,一共是將近6個月的時間。












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