Miss Aisa Pageant 2014

The era of beauty started from when the Miss Asia beauty pageant was established in 1985. The Asia television created a new page for the beauty pageant by hosting the first Miss Asia beauty pageant, pushing the boundary of ordinary beauty competition. Surprisingly, ever since then, “Miss Asia” not only becomes a symbol for beauty, intelligence, talent and social status, but also an important event that everybody looks forward to.

This year is the 26th Miss Asia beauty pageant. Asia television will continue to support the event. The theme of this year’s competition is “the five essential elements of the Chinese Yi Ching”, known as the gold, water, wood, fire and earth. These five elements are the essence of the creation of the universe, thus this year’s Miss Asia will be a symbol of infinity and perfection, a representation of the absolute beauty.

On April 12th, the Asia television hosted a press conference to officially launch the Miss Asia beauty Pageant 2014 in the head office in Hong Kong. 2014 Miss Asia beauty Pageant (Australia Division) invites Australian ladies from all over the Asia region, including China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand and Philippine, making the competition even more representative of Asia. The pageant will be start from August 9th to October.

Miss Asia beauty pageant aims to promote the communication of culture and economy in Australia Asia and the Pacific Region. Moreover, it shows the images of the Asian women, who are self contained, full of dreams and with beautiful, kind spirits. Miss Asia has become known as the International Beauty Pageant of women with fair and just characters.

Miss Asia beauty pageant allows the participation of Asian ladies to show their beauty, intelligence, talent and characteristics in front of the world. Throughout the competition, the contestant faces the challenges of quality, intelligence and compassion tests, giving a representation of the soul of Asian spirit — beauty of health, harmony and intelligence.

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