Show2013 World Live Tour Over The Limit Sydney

Thanks to TuneTalk and Nuffnang for this opportunity, few of us bloggers manage to have a close distance meet and greet session with Show Lo 羅志祥. I am too tired to write what happened just now (after processed these photos) but below are the photos selected to post up only on here. Dedicated to all ShowLo 罗志祥 Over the Limit 2013 World Live Tour Malaysia fans especially you who drop by Paradigm Mall for the Meet and  Greet Session just now! Cheers!

PS: To the Show Lo fans who dare to make a nameboard with own name, just kindly reveal your face =) If you dare to show your name, why not let Show Lo see your face as well?
PPS: If flu then ok la, hope you recover soon haha


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